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About Us

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Our mission is to raise awareness, build patient advocacy, and sustain research efforts into finding a cure for Mucolipidosis II (I-Cell Disease).


The Yash Gandhi Foundation is operated by the parents of Yash Gandhi, Ash and Sonal Gandhi, and by Yash's brother, Kavi Gandhi. 

Written by Ash and Sonal Gandhi


It’s a day etched in our memory forever. Our firstborn son Yash was eleven months old when we were told that he had a terminal rare disease. He wasn't expected to live for more than 4-5 years and we were told there was nothing we could do apart from loving him to the fullest. 


Imagine your dream of life being shattered in just a minute. 


We came home destroyed to the core and yet in denial. We frantically searched the internet for answers and there was no hope to be found. However, in our search, we did discover stories similar to ours, where parents of children with rare diseases were utterly devastated, but took that devastation to fight relentlessly on behalf of their children. These parents' fights resulted in the ultimate discovery of a cure for their child's disease. It was that day that the idea for the Yash Gandhi Foundation sprouted. With the clock against us, we knew that any work we did was unlikely to benefit Yash, but to us, it didn’t matter. What was most important was that we would make a difference and prevent another family from going through what we were at the time. 

Yash exceeded his life expectancy but sadly in 2009, just a month short of his 9th birthday, he passed away. He taught us so much in his short life and it is for this reason we continue to fight for an ultimate cure. 


Sonal, Kavi, and Ashesh Gandhi, 2018

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Kavi, Ashesh, Sonal, and Yash Gandhi, 2007

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