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About I-Cell Disease


Mucolipidosis II, also known as I-Cell Disease, is a rare inherited disorder with no current treatment or cure. It occurs due to a lack of several enzymes that leads to an accumulation of fatty substances and carbohydrates within the tissues of the body. Children with I-Cell Disease typically have difficulty in walking, frequent life-threatening respiratory infections, overgrowth of gum tissue, joint stiffness, and abnormalities of the heart.


  • I-Cell disease affects approximately 2 in 1 million children worldwide.

  • Unfortunately, children with I-cell disease die in childhood, typically before the age of 10. 

  • Most affected children pass away due to respiratory failure.

  • There is no current treatment or cure for I-Cell, but the Yash Gandhi Foundation is the only foundation globally that raises and grants money solely to I-Cell research 

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