Who We Are

The Yash Gandhi Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. There are no over-head costs or salaries paid out by this foundation. All contributions are 100% directed to fund for research in I-cell.

Support the Yash Gandhi Foundation

The Yash Gandhi Foundation is the only organization worldwide that directly and solely contributed money to I-Cell research. Any contribution of any amount is incredibly valuable and will provide hope to countless families who are affected by this horrible disease. 

Contact Us

Email: ygf4icell@gmail.com

Phone: 484.802.2317

Address: 105 Spur Lane, West Chester, PA 19382

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With I-Cell being such a rare disease, one of the main goals of our foundation is to purely spread awareness about the disease. This can help us gain potential sponsors, gain more donors, and help to build a network of individuals and groups that can support the Foundation. 

This step is simple: Tell a friend about I-Cell disease. Tell a family member about YGF and the work that we are doing. This simple step can be the root for a big change in the world of I-Cell research, and a big change in the lives of those affected by I-Cell.